Forum „Pure nature: image of Estonia or prerequisite for development?“

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On May 5, 2015 Estonian Environment Agency (ESTEA) is organizing an environmental forum  called „Pure nature: image of Estonia or prerequisite for development?“. We assume that both in Estonia and outside our country is known for its pure nature, rich of forests, wetlands and waterbodies. This is quite a common image of Estonia. But – shall we take it just as an image that we wish others to associate with us or does it carry a much deeper meaning? Is it pure nature that our future depends upon? Is Estonia’s neat environmental image justified, how does our state of environment actually look like from the outside comparing to other European countries and what about its preservation – do we need the gearchange or even a change of direction?

The idea of a forum is driven by the European State of Environment Report (SOER2015) published in March 2015 by European Environment Agency (EEA). It states that EUs environmental policy so far has contributed a lot to our ecosystems, human health and well-being but the long-term outlook isn’t as happy – „loss of biodiversity and impact of climate change will intensify“, is what we are told in the report.

How does global, Europe’s, Estonian and East-Estonian state of environment look like on the perspective of our current knowledge right now and in the future? Where is the balance between economic growth, our well-being and pressure to the environment? Which are the opportunities for transit to more sustainable society and how to measure the success? These are the main topics that experts, researchers, NGOs, state and local government representatives will be elaborating on. Our keynote speakers are Head of Integrated Environmental Assessements Programme in EEA, Jock Martin and Head of Ecosystems Assessment Group Andrus Meiner.

Further information on the state of Europe’s environment can be obtained from here. Overview of the state of environment in Estonia in SOER2015 can be found here. For more information on the state of environment in Estonia see our reports on our webpage.



Last updated: 4 May 2015

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